Introduction to Process Control, Second Edition
Introduction to Process Control, Second Edition provides a bridge between the traditional view of process control and the current, expanded role by blending conventional topics with a broader perspective of more integrated process operation, control, and information systems. Updating and expanding the content of its predecessor, this second edition addresses issues in today’s teaching of process control.

Multiscale Process Sytems Engineering at Nanyang Technological University
mPSE@NTU is headed by Dr Ali Abbas, a former student at PSE@USYD.
mPSE@NTU has strong relations with both PSE@USYD and PSE@LSU.
Forming part of the PSEOnline alliance.

Process Sytems Engineering at The University Of Sydney
Former PSE Group

Process Systems Engineering at UC Davis
The PSE Group has strong links with the PSE group at UC. Davis through different joint research projects as well as joint students.

Louisiana State University
Premier Institution in Louisiana, USA.

Dept. of Chemical Engineering Homepage
At Louisiana State University

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Introduction to Process Control, Second Edition

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