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Rajib Mukherjee
PhD Student
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Ph: +1-225-578-1419
Fax: +1-225-578-1476
Room 111
Gordon A. & Mary Cain
Department of Chemical Engineering
Louisiana State University
Baton Rouge, LA 70803
Multi resolution Analysis and Characterization of Microscopy Images to study Molecular Interfaces.

The aim of the project is to create an analytical and computational framework by implementing a multi-resolution and multi-scale methodology for the characterization and analysis of microscopy images of micro/nano surfaces.

The multi-scale analysis of microscopic imagery of micro and nano surfaces is useful in the characterization of surface features, particularly in understanding the fundamental mechanisms that affects the performance of the surface. Microscopic images give qualitative information about the surface features. The quantitative description of the surface morphology can be obtained by multi-resolution analysis using wavelet transformation (WT). Wavelet transformation technology helps in analyzing the surface across different frequencies. Different features that characterize the surface, like fractal number, and power spectra, amongst others, can be calculated using wavelet transforms (WT) technology.

The project consists of three parts:

  • The experimental part will focus on the surface chemistry of dynamic electrochemical deposition and deposition of metal oxide catalyst on nanoporous supports.
  • Molecular dynamics (MD) simulation of the surface will complement the experimental work.
  • The images of the experimental and simulated work will be evaluated by wavelet and pattern recognition technique to characterize the surface with the different surface characterizing features.
  • This surface characterization will be investigated as its use as a parameter to control and fabricate micro/nano surfaces of desired characteristics.

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