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Seyed Mostafa Nowee Baghban
PhD Student
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Ph: +61-2-9351 4337
Fax: +61-2-9351 2854
Department of Chemical Engineering
University of Sydney
Sydney, NSW, 2006
Optimal Control of Crystallisation Processes
The Department of Chemical Engineering has just commissioned a new crystallization pilot plant. This facility comprises of a 75-Litre jacketed crystallizer unit and a utilities unit. A Honeywell industrial distributed control system (DCS) is also a part of the facility and provides an environment for the advanced monitoring and control. This state-of-the-art crystallization apparatus will be used to undertake and validate crystallization research in this project. Other facilities include a laboratory scale 1-Litre crystallizer and a 20-L crystallizer that will be used for kinetic and scale-up studies.

Two model systems will be selected and investigated, one inorganic and one organic. The inorganic system will be investigated under the cooling mode of crystallization while the organic system will be investigated under the reaction crystallization mode. There will be an examination of various crystal product properties in both systems with particular emphasis on CSD, purity and morphology characteristics. Various parameters believed to influence the evolution of these characteristics will be investigated. These parameters include temperature, seeding, feed rate and agitation.
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