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Miguel Estrada
MS Student
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Ph: +1-225-578-1419
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Room 111
Gordon A. & Mary Cain
Department of Chemical Engineering
Louisiana State University
Baton Rouge, LA 70803
Theoretical and Experimental Investigations on the Electrodeposition of Nanometric Multilayers

In this project, the use of advanced modeling approaches will be investigated to capture the influence of key operating variables affecting the process. A mathematical model will be developed to describe the composition change within the magnetic alloy layer, in order to improve plating schemes for the GMR multilayer deposits. In Iron-group alloy multilayers such as FeCoNi/Cu system, the anomalous deposition behavior needs to be accounted for in order to simulate the deposit composition. The time-dependent model will merge the anomalous mechanistic model with mass transport to describe compositional gradients at the start of each magnetic layer interface in nanometric multilayer development.

This project relies on theoretical and experimental findings in order to arrive at the target solution. The use of advanced modeling tools and techniques will provide a wider horizon of understanding about the phenomena taking place in the electrodeposition schemes of nanometric multilayers process and thus providing more informative experiments. Subsequent to the validation step, the model will be used within an optimization framework towards the development of a general method for reproducible production electrodeposition schemes of nanometric multilayers. Based on the previous modeling and optimization studies a multilayer model-based control strategy for real-time implementation of optimal control policies can then be implemented.

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