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Abd Halim Shah Maulud
PhD Student
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Ph: +61-2-9351 4337
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Department of Chemical Engineering
University of Sydney
Sydney, NSW, 2006
Robust Nonlinear Multi-scale Techniques for Advanced Process Monitoring
Principal component analysis (PCA) has been sucessfully exploited in Multivariate Statistical Process Control due to its capability of dimensionality reduction. Similarly, partial least squares (PLS) is widely used when parameter estimation is required in multivariate environments. Both these techniques assume the interactions between the process measurements are linearly correlated. In most continous process plants, this assumption is valid as long as the plant is operated within the steady state operation.
However, typical process plants are operated at different operating conditions and obviously exhibit nonlinear correlations among the process measurements. Futhermore, process plant data prones to outlier which degrades the PCA and PLS performances. In view to the nonllineraity and outlier problems, advanced techniques of robust nonlinear multi-scale will be developed for process monitoring.
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