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The polymer lab consists of the 5 litre jacketed stirred reactor; the Julabo heating circulator to provide heat to the reactor through the jacket; 4 solenoid dosing pumps, for providing reactants to the reactor; and 4 precision balances to determine the quantities of reactants consumed. The polymer lab is controlled by a Honeywell C200 controller via Honeywell PlantScape DCS. The uploading and configuration of the control schemes to the controller is done using the Control Builder from the Honeywell PlantScape r500.1 suite.

The polymer lab I/O consists of 3 RTDs, 3 analogue inputs, 5 analogue outputs, 4 digital outputs and a 4 port serial to Ethernet converter. The RTDs measures the temperature at the jacket inlet and outlet, and within the reactor. The analogue input signals are the reactors impeller speed; the Julabo heating circulator operating temperature; and the specified set-point temperature for the Jualabo. The analogue output signals are the temperature for the Julabo heating circulator; and the dosing frequencies or stroke rates for each of the dosing pumps. The digital outputs are used to stop or resume the dosing pumps from pumping. The 4 port serial to Ethernet converter is used in conjunction with software developed within the PSE group to send flow rates or differential weight readings from the balances to the controller.
Polymerisation Lab Polymerisation Lab Polymerisation Lab
Control System
Data Acquisition and control of the polymerisation reactor is performed using Honeywell’s PlantScape R500.1 platform. The software allows the configuration and implementation of control schemes for advanced operation of the process. The lower level control consists of a series of conventional PID controllers to control temperature, the monomer feed, surfactant, and initiator.

An intelligent control hierarchy has been formulated by PSE incorporating three different levels; offline optimization, on-line MPC and regulatory control successively. The novelty of this approach is the incorporation of a validated high order dynamic model as a soft sensor for on-line feedback of the PSD and MWD.
Polymerisation Control Polymerisation Control Polymerisation Control
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