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The distillation column is one of our largest pilot plants, constructed from industrial QVF glass, it towers over 18 meters in height. The plant can process up to 1000L of feed per day with continuous monitoring of temperatures, flows, pressures and fluid density.

The column itself is 9" in diameter, consisting of 12 sieve trays, 3 feed points and an 80-liter steam re-boiler. Refer to PID.
Distillation Plant Distillation Plant Distillation Plant Distillation Plant Distillation Plant
Control System
Plant is monitored and control with an ABB MOD300/Advant OCS (open control system). Plant data is collected via a hub of TRIO (Taylor Remote I/O) and sent back to the controller over a high-speed data highway.

Custom graphics and information pages provide the user interface to the system. The following figure is typical graphic for the plant.

An IMS node (Information Module System) archives all plant data and using OPC (Ole for Process Control), provides connectivity to third party software packages such as Citect (SCADA System), ProcessNet (Web base plant monitoring), simulation software and reporting packages.
Distillation Control Distillation Control Distillation Control
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