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This is a new installation at the Department of Chemical Engineering, University of Sydney. The pilot facility consists of two units; One commercially designed and built consisting of a 75-Litre crystallizer vessel and a number of accessories including feed tanks, pumps, condensers and collection tank, all inside a rigid frame. A special feature of this unit is that its vessels and pipes are constructed from glass, allowing visibility of fluid flows and interactions. The second unit, is designed and built in-house at the Department. It houses the utilities that supply the crystallizer unit with heating and cooling duties. Heating and cooling of crystalliser contents is undertaken by a heat exchange fluid flowing through the crystalliser jacket. Oil is circulated through the jacket of the crystalliser vessel by a centrifugal pump.

A number of sensors may be inserted into the crystalliser vessel through the lid ports. These sensors include temperature, conductivity, pH and redox potential. Other sensors such as particle size instrumentation may also be incorporated as they become available through one of the lid ports.
Crystalliser Plant Crystalliser Plant Crystalliser Plant Crystalliser Plant
Control System
A Honeywell Plantscape industrial distributed control system (DCS) is interfaced to the pilot facility providing a monitoring and regulatory/advanced control functions. Data communication between the Honeywell Plantscape DCS and process modelling software (gPROMS) was established via a NAPI interface allowing the model to act as a soft sensor providing crystal size data to the model predictive controller (MPC) built in MS Excel VBA.

The plant is heavily instrumented allowing the operator to keep track of the progress of the crystallisation via the operator displays and monitoring graphical user interfaces.
Crystalliser Control Crystalliser Control Crystalliser Control
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